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KORNIS Mihály was born in Budapest in 1949. He received a director´s degree at the Theater and Film Academy of Budapest. He founded the first Hungarian samizdat newspaper, Napló, in 1977. In 1979, he wrote his first successful play by the name of Hallelujah. His books include: Végre élsz (Alive at last, short stories, 1980); KI VAGY TE (WHO ARE YOU, collected plays, 1986); A Félelem dícsérete (The Praise of Fear, essays, 1989); Körmagyar (Circle Hungarian, play, 1989); Napkönyv (Daybook, novel, 1994); Sóhajok hídja (The Bridge of Sighs, short pieces, 1996). His works have been translated into many languages. The Napkönyv will appear in German in 1999 at Rowohlt Publishing Co. Kornis Mihály is presently the dramatic director of the Víg Theater, and teaches at the Theater and Film Academy.

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