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Kapitáňová, Daniela oldala, Angol életrajz

Kapitáňová, Daniela portréja
Kapitáňová, Daniela


DANIELA KAPITÁŇOVÁ (1956), a writer, theatre director and a university lecturer, was born on July 30. 1956 in Komárno. Kapitáňová studied drama direction at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague, graduating in 1980. She worked as a director in theatres in Košice and Komárno, often coming as a guest director to theatres in the Czech Republic. Currently she teaches creative writing at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra.
In 1996 Kapitáňová entered the Short-Story ’96 competition and received the Jury Award for her short story 1920–1966 and an offer to publish a book. She did it four years later, when she published a novel, Samko Tále: A Book on Cemetery (Samko Tále: Kniha o cintoríne, 2000).  Kapitáňová instantly introduced herself as an original, creative literary existence. The book is “written” and told by a dwarfed half-idiot, Samko Tále, whose only aim in life is to be a “normal”, regular person. He hates everything out of normal, everything extraordinary, and reports it to his beloved communist party boss, unknowingly causing tragedy in lives of other people. The book was compared to Forrest Gump, the character of Samko Tále to Oskar Malzerath in Little Tin Drum. It became an instant bestseller in
Slovakia and the book was translated into Czech, Swedish, French and Italian.
In 2005 Kapitáňová published her second novel, a suspense story in the tradition of Agatha Christie, It Stays in the Family (Zostane to v rodine). The story takes place in a private TV station where the preparations for a new reality show are under way, when people suddenly start dying.
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