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Profile: Votisky Zsuzsa

Authors (0+5/5)

1. Henry Howard [en]
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Works (0+3/3)

0. Delirium in Uruapan [Lowry, Malcolm; en]
1. Kriegslied [Claudius, Mathias; de]
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Translations (0+7/7)

0. 95. szonett (Tégy oda, hol a nap mindent kiéget) [Sonetto XCV (Ponmi ove ’l Sol occide i fiori e l’erba); it ⇒ hu]
1. Délirium à Uruapan [Delirium in Uruapan; en ⇒ fr]
2. Ivan Iljics halála [Смерть Ивана Ильича; ru ⇒ hu]
3. Jedna žena [Egy nő; hu ⇒ sk]
4. Translation of Petrarch's Sonnetto in Vita, 95 [Sonetto XCV (Ponmi ove ’l Sol occide i fiori e l’erba); it ⇒ en]
5. Viento en la Giudecca [Vento sulla Giudecca; it ⇒ es]
6. Wind over Giudecca [Vento sulla Giudecca; it ⇒ en]
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