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Droogenbroodt, Germain: Tušenie jari (Feeling of Spring in Slovak)

Portre of Droogenbroodt, Germain

Feeling of Spring (English)

You recognized spring
by its green
and by the psalms of the birds
so high there in the air
and you invented things
which had been forgotten so long
painted images
with the twinkling light
not only of the morning dew
but also of the dream

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
Source of the quotationGermain Droogenbroodt / From “Unshadowed Light”

Tušenie jari (Slovak)

Cítiš jar
v jej zeleni
a v žalmoch vtákov
vysoko vo vzduchu
a objavuješ veci
ktoré boli tak dlho zabudnuté
maľované obrazy
s mihotavým svetlom
nielen rannej rosy
ale aj sna

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
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