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Faludy György: Refugee, 1940 (1940 in English)

Portre of Faludy György

1940 (Hungarian)

Hittük, nem csak a franciák:
övék a legjobb hadsereg.
S mit lát a német náci ma?
Rohanó, mocskos seggeket.

Minden idegen áruló,
nyögte a sivár öntudat,
de az idegenek helyett
ők árulták el magukat.

Vidulnak most, negyven nyarán,
zsidóknak rossz, de béke lesz,
egyik sem tudja, hogy az ügy
kezdete és nem vége ez.

Nácik isszák ki borukat
és meglövik a nőket is,
s ha megvadulnak egy napon
zsidóknak nézik őket is.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationF. Gy.

Refugee, 1940 (English)

Like our hosts, we thought the French army
was the mightiest under the sun.
And what did it show to the German Nazis?
Beaten backsides on the run.

The French distrust and despise us aliens
for fleeing to their land for salvation.
It was their own deceit, not ours,
that callously brought down this nation.

They boast: defeat will bring them peace
(too bad for the Jews). Oh, hunky-dory...
Few of them know that it’s only the start
and very far from the end of the story.

The Nazis will settle into their homes.
They’ll drink their cellars dry, abuse
their women and, should they object,
treat their hosts as they treat the Jews.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationThomas Ország-Land