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B. Tomos Hajnal: A lack (Hiány in English)

Portre of B. Tomos Hajnal

Hiány (Hungarian)

Olyan ez,
mint egy látomás,
mely szertefoszlott,
mielőtt arca,
legalább karcolásnyi
kontúrja maradt volna
az emlékezetben –
Mégis keresem
hogyan szólítsam,
mit tegyek vele,
ha mégis meglelném,
ha már kitölti
azt az átlátszó léggömböt,
melyről úgy tudtam: szívem.

Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
Source of the quotation

A lack (English)

This is
like a vision,
which dissipated
before its face,
its body-warmth,
a modicum of its contours
committed to memory
remained -
Yet I search for him,
how I should call him,
what I should do with him,
were I to find him,
and if he were to fill
that transparent balloon,
that I had thought to be: my heart.

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationKery, Leslie A.