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The page of Apollinaire, Guillaume, Works translated to English

Image of Apollinaire, Guillaume
Apollinaire, Guillaume


A Bird Is Singing {Greet, Anne} (Un Oiseau Chante)
Acrobats {Kline, A.S.} (Saltimbanques)
Autumn Crocuses {Bernard, Oliver} (Les colchiques)
Autumn Ill {Kline, A.S.} (Automne malade)
Clotilde {Revell, Donald} (Clotilde)
Hotels {Kline, A.S.} (Hôtels)
Hunting Horns {Kline, A.S.} (Cors de chasse)
Meadow saffron {Black, D. M.} (Les colchiques)
Mirabeau Bridge {Revell, Donald} (Le Pont Mirabeau [audio])
Mirabeau Bridge {Sigler, William A.} (Le Pont Mirabeau [audio])
Mirabeau Bridge {Wilbur, Richard} (Le Pont Mirabeau [audio])
Moonlight {Kline, A.S.} (Clair de lune)
One Evening {Kline, A.S.} (Un soir)
Palace {Revell, Donald} (Palais)
Shadow {Greet, Anne} (Ombre)
The Bells {Kline, A.S.} (Les cloches)
The Bestiary: or Orpheus’s Procession {Kline, A.S.} (Le Bestiaire ou Cortège d'Orphée)
The Farewell {Kline, A.S.} (L' Adieu)
The Gypsy {Kline, A.S.} (La Tzigane)
The Sign {Kline, A.S.} (Signe)
The Synagogue {Revell, Donald} (La Synagogue)
The White Snow {Kline, A.S.} (La Blanche Neige)
Twilight {Kline, A.S.} (Crépuscule)
Umbra {Bernstein, Charles} (Ombre)
Vitam Impendere Amori* {Kline, A.S.} (Vitam impendere amori)
Zone {Revell, Donald} (Zone)
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