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The page of Karinthy Ferenc, English biography

Image of Karinthy Ferenc
Karinthy Ferenc


1921 born in Budapest
1941-45 studies Hungarian, Italian and English literature and linguistics at Pázmány Péter University, Budapest, obtains PhD in linguistics
1947 on scholarship in France, Switzerland and Italy
1948 awarded the prestigious Baumgarten Prize
1949-50 script editor for Nemzeti Színház
1950, 1954, 1974 awarded the József Attila Prize
1951-53 contributes to Szabad Nép and Magyar Nemzet
1953-56 script editor for Madách Theatre, Budapest
1955 awarded the Kossuth Prize
1957-60 translates Machiavelli and Molière, as well as plays by Greek, Engish, Italian and German authors
1960-70 section leader for FTC sport club
1965-75 script editor for the theatres in Miskolc, Szeged and Debrecen
1968-69 lectures in the US
1972-76 guest of various writers' associations in the US, Australia, the USSR and Cuba
1992 dies in Budapest
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