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Dimitrov, Ivan: Néhány mecset Isztambulban (Някои джамии в Истанбул in Hungarian)

Portre of Dimitrov, Ivan
Portre of Sipos Ferenc Norbert

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Някои джамии в Истанбул (Bulgarian)

са като бившите ми -  
някогашни църкви,  
които сега приютяват  
нечия чужда религия.

Uploaded bySipos Ferenc Norbert
Source of the quotation

Néhány mecset Isztambulban (Hungarian)

olyanok mint én egykoron -
valamikori templomok,
melyek már más vallásnak
nyújtanak menedéket.

Uploaded bySipos Ferenc Norbert
Source of the quotationS. F. N.