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The page of Auden, W. H., English Works

Image of Auden, W. H.
Auden, W. H.


1929 (Hungarian)
A Bride in the Thirties [video] (Hungarian)
A Lullaby (Spanish)
A Summer Night (Hungarian)
A Walk After Dark [video] (Spanish)
Address to the Beasts (Hungarian)
An Island Cemetery (Hungarian)
Another Time (Spanish, Hungarian)
Archaeology (Hungarian)
As I Walked out One Evening [video] (Hungarian)
At Last the Secret Is Out (Hungarian)
Atlantis (Hungarian)
August 1968 [video] (Hungarian, Slovak)
Autumn Song (Hungarian)
Barcarolle (Hungarian)
Brussels in Winter (Hungarian)
Bucolics 1. Winds (Hungarian)
Bucolics 2. Woods (Hungarian)
Bucolics 3. Mountains (Hungarian)
Bucolics 4. Lakes (Hungarian)
Bucolics 5. Islands (Hungarian)
City Without Walls (Hungarian)
Elegy for J. F. K. (Hungarian)
Epitaph for the Unknown Soldier [video] (Hungarian)
Epitaph on a Tyrant (German, Hungarian)
Et in Arcadia Ego (Hungarian)
First Things First (Spanish, Hungarian)
Fish in the Unruffled Lakes (Hungarian)
For Friends Only (Hungarian)
Friday's Child (Hungarian)
Funeral blues (Czech, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovak)
Good-Bye To The Mezzogiorno (Hungarian)
Homage to Clio (Hungarian)
Horae Canonicae 1. (Hungarian)
Horae Canonicae 7. (Hungarian)
Hymn to St. Cecilia [video] (Hungarian)
If I Could Tell You (Hungarian, Slovak)
In Memory of Ernst Toller (Hungarian)
In Memory of Sigmund Freud [video] (Hungarian)
In Memory of W. B. Yeats (Hungarian)
In Praise Of Limestone (Hungarian)
In Time of War (details) (Hungarian)
Islands (Hungarian)
It's No Use Raising A Shout (Hungarian)
Josef Weinheber (Hungarian)
Journey To Iceland (Hungarian)
Law, Like Love [video] (Spanish, Hungarian)
Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love (Hungarian)
Leap Before You Look [video] (Spanish)
Let History Be My Judge (Hungarian)
Limbo Culture (Hungarian)
Limerick (T. S. Eliot) (Hungarian)
Look, Stranger (Hungarian)
Lullaby (Hungarian)
Miss Gee (Hungarian)
Musée des Beaux Arts (German, Spanish, Hungarian)
Nocturne (German)
Note on intellectuals (Hungarian)
O What Is That Sound [video] (Hungarian, Slovak)
Our Bias (Hungarian)
Paysage Moralisé (Hungarian)
Recitation (Hungarian)
Recitative by Death (Hungarian)
Reflections in a Forest (Hungarian)
Rimbaud (Hungarian, Italian)
Schoolchildren (Hungarian)
Seascape [video] (Hungarian)
September 1, 1939 (Hungarian)
Since (Hungarian)
Spain 1937 (Hungarian)
Thanksgiving for a Habitat (Hungarian)
The Capital (Hungarian)
The Common Life (Hungarian)
The Composer (Hungarian)
The History of Truth (Spanish)
The Letter (Hungarian)
The More Loving One (Hungarian, Slovak)
The Novelist (Hungarian)
The Shield of Achilles [video] (Hungarian)
The Sphinx [video] (Hungarian)
The Unknown Citizen [video] (German, Hungarian)
The Wanderer (Hungarian)
There Will Be No Peace (Spanish)
This lunar beauty [video] (Hungarian)
Through the Looking-Glass (Hungarian)
Victor (Hungarian)
Voltaire at Ferney (Hungarian)
Walks (Hungarian)
Who's Who (Hungarian)
Woods (Hungarian)
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