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The page of Poe, Edgar Allan, English Works

Image of Poe, Edgar Allan
Poe, Edgar Allan


A dream (German, Hungarian)
A Dream Within a Dream [video] (German, Hungarian)
A Pæan [video] (Hungarian)
A Valentine (Hungarian)
A West Point Lampoon [Lines on Joe Locke] (Hungarian)
Al Aaraaf (Hungarian)
Alone [video] (Hungarian)
An acrostic (Hungarian)
An Enigma (Hungarian)
Annabel Lee (German, Esperanto, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish)
Beloved Physician (Hungarian)
Bridal Ballad (Hungarian)
Catholic Hymn (Hungarian)
Deep in earth (German, Hungarian)
Dream-Land (Hungarian)
Dreams (Hungarian)
El Dorado (German, Hungarian)
Eleonora (Hungarian)
Elizabeth (Hungarian)
Enigma (Hungarian)
Epigram for Wall Street (Hungarian)
Eulalie [video] (Hungarian)
Evening star (Hungarian)
Fairy-land (Hungarian)
Fairyland (Hungarian)
Fanny (Hungarian)
For Annie [video] (Hungarian)
Fragment of A Campaign Song (Hungarian)
Imitation (Hungarian)
Impromtu (Hungarian)
Israfel (Hungarian)
Latin Hymn (Hungarian)
Lenore (Hungarian)
Lines on Ale (Hungarian)
Manuscript Found in a Bottle [video] (Hungarian)
Mysterious Star (Hungarian)
O Tempora! O, Mores! (Hungarian)
On poetry (Hungarian)
Parody on Drake (Hungarian)
Queen of May Ode (Hungarian)
Romance (Hungarian)
Serenade (Hungarian)
Song (Hungarian)
Song of Triumph (Hungarian)
Sonnet - To Science (Spanish, Hungarian)
Sonnet - To Zante (Hungarian)
Sonnet – Silence (Hungarian)
Spirits of the Dead (Hungarian)
Spiritual Song (Hungarian)
Stanzas (In youth have I known…) (Hungarian)
Stanzas (To F. S. O.) (Hungarian)
Tamerlane (Hungarian)
The Angel of the Odd – An Extravaganza [video] (Hungarian)
The Bells (Hungarian)
The Cask of Amontillado [video] (Hungarian)
The City in the Sea (Hungarian)
The Colisseum (Hungarian)
The Conqueror Worm (Hungarian)
The Divine Right Of Kings (Hungarian)
The Happiest Day [video] (Hungarian)
The Haunted Palace [video] (Hungarian)
The Lake [video] (Hungarian)
The Masque of the Red Death [video] (Hungarian)
The Sleeper (Hungarian)
The Tell-Tale Heart [video] (Hungarian)
The Valley Nis (Hungarian)
The Walley of Unrest (Hungarian)
The Raven (German, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak)
To - (Fair maiden, let thy generous heart) (Hungarian)
To - (I heed not that) (German, Hungarian)
To - (I would not lord it o'er thy heart) (Hungarian)
To - (Not long ago, the writer of these lines) (Hungarian)
To - (Should my early life seem) (Hungarian)
To - (Sleep on, sleep on, anouther hour) (Hungarian)
To - (The bowers whereat) (Hungarian)
To F-- (Hungarian)
To F--S S. O--D (Hungarian)
To Helen (Helen, thy beauty is to me...) (Hungarian)
To Helen (I saw thee once...) (Hungarian)
To M—— (Hungarian)
To M. L. S——* (Hungarian)
To Margaret (Hungarian)
To Miss Louise Olivia Hunter (Hungarian)
To My Mother (Hungarian)
To Octavia (Hungarian)
To One Departed (Hungarian)
To One in Paradise (Hungarian)
To the river (Hungarian)
Ulalume [video] (German, Hungarian, Polish)
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