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Fletcher, John: All ye woods…

Portre of Fletcher, John

All ye woods… (English)

All ye woods, and trees and bowers,

All you vertues and ye powers

That inhabit in the lakes,

In the pleasant springs or brakes,

    Move your feet

    To our sound,

    Whilest we greet

    All this ground,

With his honour and his name

That defends our flocks from blame.


He is great, and he is Just,

He is ever good, and must

Thus be honour'd: Daffodillies,

Roses, Pinks, and loved Lillies,

    Let us fling,

    Whilest we sing,

    Ever holy,

    Ever holy,

Ever honoured ever young,

Thus great Pan is ever sung.

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Mind, ti kunyhók… (Hungarian)

Mind, ti kunyhók, berkek, erdők,

szent hatalmak, és ti villők,

kik bozótok, kútfejek

s vadvizek közt rejletek -

táncra fel!

Zeng a rét:


mind e nép;

azt dicséri most a nóta,

aki nyájunk kártul óvta.


Ő a nagy, a jó, a szent!

Minden ajkon róla zeng

boldog ének! Milliom

rózsa, szegfű, liliom

néki jár!

Nóta száll,

mert örökre,


ifju, tiszta, szent e nép -

s így dicséri istenét!

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