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Lowry, Malcolm: Roderick Usher (Roderick Usher in Hungarian)

Portre of Lowry, Malcolm

Roderick Usher (English)

Roderick Usher rose at six

And found his house in a hell of a fix.

He made the coffe and locked the door,

And then said, what have I done that for?

But had poured himself a hell of a snort

Before he could find any kind of retort,

And poured himself a jigger of rum

Before he heard the familiar hum

Of his matutinal delirium

Whose voices, imperious as a rule,

Were sharper today, as if at school:

Today, young Usher, you’re going to vote.

Said Roderick, that’s a hell of a note.

So he packed his bag full of vintage rare,

His house fell down but he didn’t care

And took the nine-thirty to Baltimore

And was murdered, promptly, at half past four.

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Roderick Usher (Hungarian)

Roderick Usher hatkor ébredt,

Szeme a házban bajra révedt.

Kávét főzött, bezárkózott.

– Hát ezt minek? – ógott-mógott.

De felelni végre magán míg-erőt vett,

Lehajtott elébb egy méregerőset.

Majd lecsúszott rá egy kupica rum,

S hallotta, zeng már a matutinum,

A jól ismert hajnali delírium.

A hang, mely amúgy is mindig goromba,

Élesebb ma, mint diákkoromba':

– Szedd magad, Usher, a nép szavazik.

– Micsoda jó hír! – így Roderick.

Elvitte magával a java borát,

Bánta is ő a háza porát.

Fölült a délire, Baltimore-ba,

S fél ötkor kinyúlt, agyonszúrva.

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PublisherEurópa Könyvkiadó
Source of the quotationMalcolm Lowry - Át a Panamán (Három kisregény)