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Pound, Ezra: ∆ὡpia (∆ὡpia in Croatian)

Portre of Pound, Ezra

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∆ὡpia (English)



Be in me as the eternal moods    

        of the bleak wind, and not    

As transient things are —    

        gaiety of flowers.    

Have me in the strong loneliness           

        of sunless cliffs    

And of gray waters.    

        Let the gods speak softly of us    

In days hereafter,    

        the shadowy flowers of Orcus    

Remember thee.

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∆ὡpia (Croatian)



Budi u meni kao vječna

   ćud turobnog vjetra,

Ne kao prolazne stvari koje su –

   radosti cvijeća.

Imaj me u ljutoj samoći

   tamnih hridina

I surih voda

   Nek bogovi o nama

nježno zbore u dane buduće

   Sjenovito cvijeće

Orcusa nek’ te se sjeća.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation

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