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Waddington, Miriam: Mi-ai spus (detaliu) (Thou didst say me in Romanian)

Portre of Waddington, Miriam

Thou didst say me (English)

Late as last summer
Thou didst say me, love
I choose you, you, only you.
oh the delicate delicate
serpent of your lips
the golden lie bedazzled
me with wish and flash
of joy and I was fool.

I was fool, bemused
bedazed by summer, still
bewitched and wandering
in murmur hush in greenly
sketched-in fields
I was, I was, so sweet           
I was, so honied with
your gold of love and love
and still again more love.

Late as last autumn
thou didst say me, dear
my doxy, I choose you and
always you, thou didst pledge
me love and through the redplumed
weeks soberly
I danced upon your words
and garlanded these
tender dangers.

Year curves to ending now
and thou dost say me, wife
I choose another love, and oh
the delicate delicate
serpent of your mouth
stings deep, and bitter
iron cuts and shapes
my death, I was so fool.

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Mi-ai spus (detaliu) (Romanian)

Nu mai departe decat vara trecuta
Mi-ai spus, dragostea mea
te-am ales pe tine, numai pe tine
O, delicatul, de-
li-ca-tul zambet tradator al buzelor tale,
fermecatoarea minciuna m’a orbit
cu dorul si flacara trupeasca
a bucuriei si am fost un neghiob.

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