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Yeats, William Butler: Szerelmesét halottnak kívánja (He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead in Hungarian)

Portre of Yeats, William Butler
Portre of Babits Mihály

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He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead (English)

Were you but lying cold and dead,

And lights were paling out of the West,

You would come hither, and bend your head,

And I would lay my head on your breast;

And you would murmur tender words,

Forgiving me, because you were dead:

Nor would you rise and hasten away,

Though you have the will of the wild birds,

But know your hair was bound and wound

About the stars and moon and sun:

O would, beloved, that you lay

Under the dock-leaves in the ground,

While lights were paling one by one.

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Szerelmesét halottnak kívánja (Hungarian)

Feküdnél holtan, hidegen

s alkony sápadna Nyugaton.

Eljönnél hozzám s sziveden

megnyugodhatna bánatom.

Jó lennél, megbocsátanál,

hiszen halott lennél, halott:

nem ugranál föl hidegen

s szeszélyesen mint vadmadár.

Tudnád hogy a csillagos ég

szőtte magába hajadat.

Óh bár halott lennél, halott

a lassan sápadó bus ég

s hervadó bus szirmok alatt.

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