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Kaplinski, Jaan: [The sky is overcast] ([Taevas on pilves] in English)

Portre of Kaplinski, Jaan

[Taevas on pilves] (Estonian)

Taevas on pilves. Soe tuul tuleb hõlma alla.
Kirju kass astub tasakesi videviku poole.
Videvik tuleb tasakesi kirju kassi poole.
Naabrinaine võtab pesu nöörilt alla.
Ma ei näe teda, ainult seda, kuidas pesu
tükk-tükilt kaob. Ja valgeid sireleid.
Nartisisse ja mäginelke. Ja tulesid
kaugel teisel pool jõge. Üks plokkflööt.
Üks raadio. Üks roolind. Ja mitu,
mitu ööbikut.

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[The sky is overcast] (English)

The sky is overcast. The warm wind is creeping under your shirt.
A spotted cat is walking slowly toward the dusk.

The dusk is moving slowly toward the spotted cat.
A neighbour's wife is taking clothes from the line.

I don't see her, I see only the clothes vanishing
one by one. I see the white lilacs.

Narcissi and carnations. And lights shining
far away on the other side of the river. One flute.
One radio. One reed warbler. And many,

many nightingales.

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