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Kareva, Doris: [Chant the mantra] ([Seda mantrat korda] in English)

Portre of Kareva, Doris

[Seda mantrat korda] (Estonian)

Seda mantrat korda, mandragora,
mandragora, varjusurmataim:
kõik on pöörduv, kõik on mööduv,
kõik on mõeldav.

Ammune on aim:
kõigest liigutajaist liigutavaim,
on armastuse vaim.

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[Chant the mantra] (English)

Chant the mantra, mandragora,
mandragora, deathly deep sleep-weed:
it all keeps turning, keeps churning,
keeps occurring.

Enduring is the evidence
that of all forces the most intense,
the most immense
is love's essence.

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