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Jacob, Max: Visitation (Visitation in English)

Portre of Jacob, Max

Visitation (French)

Ma chambre est au fond dune cour et derrière des boutiques, le n° 7 de la rue Ravignan! Tu resteras la chapelle de mon souvenir éternel. J'ai pensé, étendu sur le sommier que quatre briques supportent; et le propriétaire a percé le toit de zinc pour augmenter la lumière. Qui frappe si matin? – Ouvrez! ouvrez la porte! ne vous habillez pas! Seigneur! – La croix est lourde je veux la déposer. – Comment entrera-t-elle? la porte est bien étroite. – Elle entrera par la fenêtre. Mon Seigneur! chauffez-vous! il fait si froid. – Regarde la croix! – Oh! Seigneur! toute ma vie.

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Visitation (English)

My room is at the far end of a courtyard and behind some shops, at number Ravignan Street. Room, house, you will always be the chapel of my undying remembrance! I lay there thinking, stretched out on the box-spring held up by four bricks; and the landlord made an opening in the zinc roof to let in more light. Who's knocking at my door so early in the morning?–Open up! Open the door! Don't get dressed! – It's you, Lord! – The cross is heavy: I want to set it down. – The door is very narrow; how will it get in? – It can come in through the window – Warm yourself in here, Lord! Its so cold out!  – Look at the cross! – My whole life long, Lord!



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