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Velter, André: The Other One (L’Autre in English)

Portre of Velter, André
Portre of Caws, Mary Ann

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L’Autre (French)

Tu es celui

Et tu es moi

Qui s’est guéri

Par la lumière


Tu es cela

D’or et de fée

Vivant réel

Sous le soleil


Tu es ici

Autre départ

Le jeu cruel


Absent dès l’aube

Tu es sans toi –

Mais le soleil

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The Other One (English)

You are the one

You are myself

Who is cured

By light


You are the thing

Of gold and magic

Living real

Under the sun


You are here

Another leaving

The cruel game


Absent from dawn

You are without you –

But the sun

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation