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The page of Barabas Gabor, English biography

Image of Barabas Gabor
Barabas Gabor


Gabor Barabas was born in Hungary in 1948 and escaped with his parents at the age of eight to the United States during the revolution against the Soviet Union. He received his BA from NYU and his MD from the University of Cincinnati and he practiced as a pediatric neurologist for almost thirty years. In his twenties he was the co-founder of the Cincinnati Repertory Company and the American Repertory Theater of Philadelphia and currently he is the Executive Producer of the New Jersey Repertory Company where he has produced over 100 professional productions, mostly world premieres. His poetry has appeared in various literary journals, and his first collection of poems, Russian Chronicles, was published by Gray Falcon Press in 1985. The short film The Spider by Juan Delcan, based on Gabor's poem and written for his friend, the late sculptor and artist, Louise Bourgeois, has been featured in film festivals throughout the world.


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