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The page of Belij, Andrej, English biography

Image of Belij, Andrej
Belij, Andrej
(Белый Андрей)


Andrei Bely (Андрей Белый) was the pseudonym of Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev (1880 - 1934), a Russian novelist, poet, theorist, and literary critic. His creative works followed theories of different kinds in different periods (mystical, musical, symbolist ideas current of the early 20th century) which lead to striking, unusual prose styles and methods. His methods and impact could be compared to James Joyce (in English language literature). The impact of mystical ideas on his music could be compared to Charles Ives (the American composer).
Readers commonly consider his symbolist novel Petersburg (1913) to be his masterpiece. It is vivid and memorable, with a unusual prose method in which for example sounds evoke colors. Set in a time of social chaos, revolutionaries unknowingly assign the protagonist comrade to assassinate a government official, who is his own father. The protagonist is pursued through the city streets by the ringing hooves of the famous bronze statue of Peter the Great.
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