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The page of Hůlová, Petra, English biography

Image of Hůlová, Petra
Hůlová, Petra


Petra Hůlová (1979) is one of the rising stars of Czech literature. This is proved by the fact that the rights of her work are already being sold to various countries. In 2002 she made her debut with the book All This Belongs to Me (Paměť mojí babičce). The Czech press reacted enthusiastically and her book was awarded ion 2003 with prestigious Magnesia Litera Prize for being the discovery of the year. Moreover her colleagues, critics and publisher have proclaimed, in a large nationwide newspaper, All of This Belongs to Me to be the book of the year 2002.
It has been sold to France (Éditions de L'Olivier), Hungary (Európa Könyvkiadó), The Netherlands (Uitgeverij Prometheus/Bert Bakker), Poland (Wydawnictwa W.A.B.), Germany (Luchterhand Verlag), The United States (Northwestern University Press),Italy (Baldini Castoldi editore) and Sweden (Rámus fö Italian edition in progress Baldini Castoldi Dalai editore, Milan rlag). Up till now almost 5,000 copies are sold in Germany.
In 2004 Petra Hůlová published her long awaited second book Through Frosted Glass (Přes matný sklo). The book was well received by the Czech press and since its appearance in September the novel has been at the top of the bestselling list in the Czech Republic. It has been published in Hungary (Európa Könyvkiadó) and the rights have been bought by Luchterhand in Germany and Baldini Castoldi Dalai editore in Italy
In October 2005, her novel Circus Les Mémoires, appeared. An epic novel in which Hůlova demonstrates for once and forever she is no longer a talent. She is world class. It was published in Germany by Luchterhand and in France supposed by Editions du Panama, who unfortunately went bankrupt.

Her fourth novel Plastic-furnished, Three-bedroom (Umělohmotný třípokoj) came out in 2006 and went straight away to the top of the best-seller's list in the Czech Republic. The book was turned into a play and in 2007 the novel was awarded with the Jiří Orten prize for literature.
In Spring 2008 Petra Hůlová's published her grand novel Tajga Station (Stanice Tajga), which was awarded with the Josef Škvorecký Prize. The rights have been been sold to Luchterhand, Germany, and WAB Publishers, Poland.
Her most recent novel Strážci občanského dobra (Guardians of the Civic Good) was published in 2010.

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