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The page of Pilátová, Markéta, English biography

Image of Pilátová, Markéta
Pilátová, Markéta


Markéta Pilátová (1973) studied Roman languages and literature and History. She was the chief editor for foreign affairs of the prestigious weekly Respekt and works occassionally for Czech radio. She lives temporarily in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as a foreign correspondent.The novel Žluté oči vedou domů (Yellow Eyes Will Lead You Home) was her debut as an author in 2007 and the rights have been sold to Austria (Residenz Verlag), Brasil (Annablume), Poland (Good Books Publishers) and Spain (Baile del Sol). In September 2009, her new novel Má nejmilejší kniha (My Most Beloved Book) was published. Next to that all she also writes song texts, children‘s books and short stories.

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