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The page of Vörösmarty Mihály, English biography

Image of Vörösmarty Mihály
Vörösmarty Mihály


Mihály Vörösmarty

1800 born in Pusztanyék (Fejér County) into a famoly of impoverished gentry, December 1
1811 - 1816 educated in Székesfehérvár by the Cistercian fathers
1817 begins to study Philosophy in Pest at the Piarists
1817 his father dies; he completes his education by working as a tutor
1824 receives his degree as a lawyer
1825 his epic The Flight of Zalán is a great success
1827 Editor at the periodicals Koszorú and Athenaeum
1830 member of the Hungarian Academy of Science
1843 marries the much younger Laura Csajághy
1948 together with János Arany and Sándor Petőfi, he initiates the translation of the complete works of Shakespeare into Hungarian
1948 elected to the National Diet; becomes a judge of the Supreme Court
1849 after the defeated Revolution, has to live in hiding
1850-53 tries to make a living as a country smallholder
1855 dies in Budapest
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