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Ady Endre: A halál lovai

Portre of Ady Endre

A halál lovai (Hungarian)

Holdvilágos, fehér úton,
Mikor az égi pásztorok
Kergetik felhő-nyájokat,
Patkótlanul felénk, felénk
Ügetnek a halál-lovak.
Nesztelen, gyilkos paripák
S árnyék-lovagok hátukon,
Bús, néma árnyék-lovagok.
A Hold is fél és elbúvik,
Ha jönnek a fehér úton.
Honnan jönnek, ki tudja azt?
Az egész világ szendereg:
Kengyelt oldnak, megállanak.
Mindig van szabad paripa
S mindig van gazdátlan nyereg.
S aki előtt megállanak,
Elsápad és nyeregbe száll
S fehér úton nyargal vele
Holdvilágos éjjeleken
Új utasokért a Halál.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation

The horses of death (English)

On a white path lit by moonlight,

When celestial shepherds are

Chasing clouds around their courses,

Loping unshod, towards us comes

A silent group of death-horses


Noiseless they are, those murderous steeds

With shadow knights on every back,

Sad, silent are the shadow-knights.

Even the moon is scared, it hides

When they come tearing down the track.


No one can tell from whence they came,

The world is dozing: they, astride,

Ease from their stirrups, come to halt,

Always there are some steeds to spare;

Empty saddles for more to ride.


The one they choose, in front of whom

They stop, blanches, mounts out of breath,

Off they gallop, and with him rides,

Along white paths, on moon-lit nights,

Looking for more to take, is Death.

Uploaded byFehér Illés
Source of the quotationLeslie A. Kery