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Dsida Jenő: What will come of this? (Mi lesz ebből? in English)

Portre of Dsida Jenő

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Mi lesz ebből? (Hungarian)

Minden szürkül, fakul

Hull a hajunk.

Az almák nem olyan pirosak, mint tegnap,

a füvek zöldje nem izzik úgy, mint tegnapelőtt.

Mai mosolyunk hűltebb, sötétebb,


ijedt és szomorú utánzata a régieknek.

A szavak napról napra üszkösebbek.

A szerelem karja tágul, ernyed, lankad, elenged…

Mi lesz ebből, kedvesem?

Éjszaka? Fekete csönd? Hideg ború?

Vagy kihamvadó utakon át jutunk

örökmosolyú, fényesen izzó, boldog mezőkre?



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What will come of this? (English)

Everything fades, turning into grey.

We’re losing our hair.

The apples are not as red as they were yesterday.

the grass is not as green-gleaming as it was day before yesterday.

Our smile of today is cooler, darker,

weak and emaciated:

a scared and sad imitation of the earlier ones.

Day after day our words turn out to be more sooty and charred.

The arms of love grow wider, turn lax, lose momentum, then release…

What will come of this, my love?

Night? Black silence? An overcast coldness?

Or is it exactly along roads pulverized into ashes

that one reaches the eternally smiling, brightly gleaming meadows?

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