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G. István László: Burger King

Portre of G. István László

Burger King (Hungarian)

Mintha fejük gesztenye lenne,
tűburkából kibújt barna fényrés,
esznek a férfiak.
Nem gondolnak nőre, végtelenre,
széthajtogatják az átzsírozott papírt,
a fehér szalvétán átüt a majonéz,
beleharapnak a hamburgerekbe,
ahogy a sebben bennragad a géz,
forog a szájukban az étel,
utat keres a szájpadlás körül,
mintha a nyeléssel megszületne,
esznek, egyedül.

Burger King (English)

As if their heads were so many conkers,
brown light-cracks muscling through their cells of pins,
the men are eating.
They are not thinking of women or of heaven,
but banging open greased-up wrappers
with mayo weeping through white napkins;
they bite off more than they can chew
while food-gauze comes like Velcro from its wounds.
With mouthfuls barging round their mouths
and pushing in along the tounge
as if by being swallowed they’d be born,
they are eating, all alone.