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Hervay Gizella: A single gesture (Egyetlen mozdulat in English)

Portre of Hervay Gizella

Egyetlen mozdulat (Hungarian)

Egyetlen mozdulat elég lett volna,

                          hogy el ne veszítselek,

de ez a mozdulat

                          még meg se született.

Nem született meg az egyetlen gondolat,

amivel el tudnád gondolni

                           láthatatlan arcomat.



Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
Source of the quotation

A single gesture (English)

A single gesture would have been enough

          to stop your loss for me,

but this gesture

           has not yet come to be.

A single thought is yet to hit the scene,

with which you could imagine

            my face that can't be seen

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationMagyarul Bábelben