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József Attila: A sigh (Sóhaj in English)

Portre of József Attila

Sóhaj (Hungarian)

Ha könny csorog,
Ha kebel sír,
Ha jaj hallik,
Ha ég dörren,
Föld kerekén,
Az én könnyem,
Az én keblem,
Az én jajom,
Föld kerekén
Járok, mindig
Csorg a könnyem,
Sír a keblem,
Jajom hallik,
Az ég dörren
- Átkozott fej
Az én fejem -
Átkozott fej
Te fölötted.

1921. okt. 31.

Uploaded bySvetla Kjoseva
Source of the quotation

A sigh (English)

When tears fall and
Breast is weeping,
Moaning's heard and
Skies are clapping,
On this earth, it
Matters not where:
Tears of my own,
My own breast, and
My own wailing
Will punish me:
Matters not where
Upon this earth
Travels take me,
I'll shed tears, my
Breast will weep, my
Moans will be heard
And skies will clap
- What damned head this
Head of mine is -
Damned is the head
That’s above you.

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationMagyarul Bábelben