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The page of Gömöri György, English biography

Image of Gömöri György
Gömöri György


György (George) Gömöri was born in 1934 and has been living in England since 1956. From 1969 to 2001 he taught Polish and Hungarian literature at the University of Cambridge. He has published nine books of poetry in Hungarian, one in English and one in Polish translation. So far his most extensive selection of his work was Őszi magánbeszéd (Autumn Monologue, 1997). His poetry is defined by the idea of traveling, his journeys taking place both in actual space and history. He is also a translator of Hungarian poetry: with Clive Wilmer he has published five books of three poets in English (e.g. Radnóti, Petri).With George Szirtes he co-edited a comprehensive anthology of modern Hungarian poets The Colonnade of Teeth (Bloodaxe, 1996).

English selection: My Manifold City (Cambridge, 1996, 2nd ed. 1998)

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