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The page of Vaz de Carvalho, Maria Amália , English biography

Image of Vaz de Carvalho, Maria Amália
Vaz de Carvalho, Maria Amália


Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho (2 February 1847 - 24 March 1921) was a Portuguese writer. She was the first woman to join the Portuguese Academy of Sciences (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa).

The daughter of José Vaz de Carvalho and Maria Cristina de Almeida e Albuquerque, she was married to the poet António Cândido Gonçalves Crespo.

She wrote for several newspapers in Portugal (Diário Popular, Repórter, Artes e Letras) and Brazil (Jornal do Comércio, Rio de Janeiro), under the pseudonym Maria de Sucena.

As well as poetry, she wrote short stories, essays, biographies, and literary criticism. The collection of stories for children she wrote with her husband, Contos para os nossos filhos ("Tales for our Children", 1886) was approved by the Board of Public Instruction for use in schools.

Her house was the first literary salon in Lisbon; they were hosts to Eça de Queiroz, Camilo Castelo Branco, Ramalho Ortigão and Guerra Junqueiro.

In 1993, the municipality of Loures (where she had lived as a child) established a literary award in her name.

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