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The page of Podracká, Dana , English bibliography

Image of Podracká, Dana
Podracká, Dana


The Moon Lover (Mesačná milenka, 1981)
Winter Guests (Zimní hostia, 1984)
The Rubicon (Rubikon, 1988)
Grizzly in the Sleeping House (Grizzly v spiacom dome, 1991)
Scripture (Písmo, 1993)
Sin (Hriech, 1996)
Name (Meno, 1999)
Big Game (Vysoká zver, 2001)
Mythology of Privacy (Mytológia súkromia, 1994)
Para­diso, Conversations with Vladimír Miná
č (Paradiso, Rozhovory s Vladimírom Mináčom, 1998)
Essential Encounter (Bytostné stret­nutie, 2000)
children’s books:
Owl’s Mountain (Sovia hora, 1984)
The Stoc­king-Telephone (Pan
čuškový telefón, 1987)
Don’t Forget the Good Fairy (Nezabudni na vílu, 1991)
The Impatient First-Grader (Ne­do
čkavý prvak, 1998)

Podracká’s poems have been translated into various languages and published abroad in many literary magazines and anthologies. Lady of Her Own Muzot (1998, selected poems in four languages)
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