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The page of Kopcsay, Márius, English biography

Image of Kopcsay, Márius
Kopcsay, Márius


Márius Kopcsay was born April 21-st 1968 in Bratislava. Since 1974 to 1986 he studied on grammar and secondary school. He continued in study of chemistry and physics on university, after fall of communism at 1989 he decided to became journalist. He was correspondent of Czech ZN-noviny (1994 – 1998). Since 1997 to 2004 he was editor and political columnist of the best selling Slovak newspaper Nový čas. From December 2005 he is editor in chief of magazine Mosty. He was honoured in competition “Poviedka 1996” (Short Story 1996) and he got opportunity to publish his first own book. A short-stories collection Kritický deň (A Critical Day) was published in 1998 and get Prize of Ivan Krasko for the best literal debut of the year. Second collection Stratené roky (A Lost Years) was published in 2004 and novel Domov (Home) in 2005. Now he finished fourth book, collection of short stories Zbytočný život (An Idle Life). All books are released in publishing house L.C.A. He lives in Modra with his wife Iris (1967) and sons Dominik (1994) and Benjamín (2003).

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