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The page of Kragujević, Tanja, English biography

Image of Kragujević, Tanja
Kragujević, Tanja


Tanja Kragujević has been present and active in Serbian poetry nearly for five decades. Over the years she has published a series of successful and valuable poetry books and generally acquired the status of one of the most prominent contemporary Serbian poets. And original literary critics and essayists. In a very wide range of words and forms, feelings and ideas, the poetess has carved herself a special niche in the most successful, core genre of Serbian literature – poetry. The poetry of Tanja Kragujević is both a hymn to light and ephemerality, so when she naturally writes: The grammar of being is warm, and: I am a woman made of sand – the reader beleives her wholeheartedly. Such views can be held only by the best lyric poets of an age.

Vasa Pavković

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