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Pavlović, Ranko: Prepoznavanje

Portre of Pavlović, Ranko

Prepoznavanje (Serbian)

Tamo gdje završava
sazvježđe tvog pogleda,
treperi jedna tačka.
Ono si ti, govoriš sebi,
kada si bio sjemena ćelija;
prepoznajem te u sebi.
Ni slutio nisi da ćeš
tako daleko od sebe otići,
da bi ostao u sebi.

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Recognition (English)

Where the constellation
of your view ends
one point flashes.
That’s you, you speak to yourself,
when you were a seed of a cell;
I recognize you in me.
You did not even think that you
would go so far away from yourself,
to stay within.

Uploaded byFehér Illés
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