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The page of Gustafsson, Lars, Swedish Works translated to English

Image of Gustafsson, Lars
Gustafsson, Lars
(Lars Erik Einar Gustavsson)


XI (Sestina) {Sandstroem, Yvonne L.} (XI (Sestina))
A. {Howard, Susan} (A.)
Hamlet Prince of Denmark {Howard, Susan} (Hamlet Prins av Danmark)
Killing Time {Howard, Susan} (Tidsfördrif)
Killing Time II {Howard, Susan} (Tidsfördrif II)
Late Summer Sounds {Howard, Susan} (Sensommarljuden)
Letting Twilight Happen {Howard, Susan} (Vila Skymning)
Love at the Beginning of Autumn {Howard, Susan} (Kärlek i Början av Hösten)
Roach {Howard, Susan} (Mört)
Smoothness {Howard, Susan} (Blankhet)
Song Before the Rain {Howard, Susan} (Sång Fore Regnet)
The Letter {Howard, Susan} (Brevet)
The Shoulder {Howard, Susan} (Skuldran)
The West Wind Blows {Howard, Susan} (Västvinden Går)
The Wind Turns the Pages {Howard, Susan} (Vinden Slår i Böckerna)
Through the Looking Glass {Howard, Susan} (Genom Spegeln IV)

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