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Lasker-Schüler, Else: Listen (Höre! in English)

Portre of Lasker-Schüler, Else
Portre of Beilharz, Johannes

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Höre! (German)

Ich raube in den Nächten

Die Rosen deines Mundes,

Daß keine Weibin Trinken findet.


Die dich umarmt,

Stiehlt mir von meinen Schauern,

Die ich um deine Glieder malte.


Ich bin dein Wegrand.

Die dich streift,

Stürzt ab.


Fühlst du mein Lebtum


Wie ferner Saum?

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Listen (English)

At night I used to steal

The rose of your mouth,

So that no other woman could drink there.


The one who now embraces you

Is taking away the shivers

I drew around your limbs.


I am your wayside.

The one to touch you

Is bound to fall.


Can you feel my essence

All over,

As if it were a distant hem?

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Source of the quotation