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Hoffmann, Heinrich: Shockheaded Peter (Struwwelpeter in English)

Portre of Hoffmann, Heinrich
Portre of anonim

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Struwwelpeter (German)

Sieh einmal, hier steht er,

Pfui! der Struwwelpeter!

An den Händen beiden

Ließ er sich nicht schneiden

Seine Nägel fast ein Jahr;

Kämmen ließ er nicht sein Haar.

Pfui! ruft da ein jeder:

Garstger Struwwelpeter.

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Shockheaded Peter (English)

Just look at him! there he stands,

With his nasty hair and hands.

See! his nails are never cut;

They are grimed as black as soot;

And the sloven, I declare,

Never once has combed his hair;

Anything to me is sweeter

Than to see Shockheaded Peter.

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