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Eminescu, Mihai: O, mama...

Portre of Eminescu, Mihai

O, mama... (Romanian)

O, mama, dulce mama, din negura de vremi
Pe freamatul de frunze la tine tu ma chemi;
Deasupra criptei negre a sfântului mormânt
Se scutura salcâmii de toamna si de vânt,
Se bat încet din ramuri, îngâna glasul tau...
Mereu se vor tot bate, tu vei dormi mereu.

Când voi muri iubito, la crestet sa nu-mi plângi;
Din teiul sfânt si dulce o ramura sa frângi,
La capul meu cu grija tu ramura s-o-ngropi,
Asupra ei sa cada a ochilor tai stropi;
Simti-o-voi odata umbrind mormântul meu...
Mereu va creste umbra-i, eu voi dormi mereu.

Iar daca împreuna va fi ca sa murim,
Sa nu ne duca-n triste zidiri de tintirirm,
Mormântul sa ni-l sape la margine de râu,
Ne puna-n încaperea aceluiasi sicriu;
Mereu va plânge apa, noi vom dormi mereu.

(1880, 1 aprilie)

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O mother... (English)

O mother, darling mother, lost in time's formless haze
Amidst the leaves' sweet rustle you call my name always;
Amidst their fluttering murmur above your sacred grave
I hear you softly whisper whenever the branches wave;
While over your tomb the willows their autumn raiment heap...
Forever wave the branches and you forever sleep.


When l shall die, beloved, do not beside me mourn,
But break a branch of blossom that does the lime adorn,
And take it very softly, and plant it at my head;
I'll feel its shadow growing as on the soil it's shed;
And watered by the tears that you for sorrow weep...
Forever grow that shadow, and l for ever sleep.

And should it be together that we shall die one day,
They shall not in some cemetery our separate bodies lay,
But let them dig a grave near where the river flows
And in a single coffin them both together close;
That l to time eternal my love beside me keep...
Forever wails the water, and we for ever sleep.

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