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Podrimja, Ali: E ti i vdekur

Portre of Podrimja, Ali

E ti i vdekur (Albanian)

Ishte vere

Mbi koke dielli

Hije ti rreth Evrope


Nga ai udhetim i tmerrshem

Ktheve `i dite syzgurdulluar

Ne poezine e babit hyre pa trokitur


Aty je me i sigurt Lumi

Per bese nuk te gjen

Asnje e zeze


Vere ishte

Djelli ne perendim

E ti i vdekur dhe

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And you dead (English)

It was summer

Overhead the sun

Shadows, you around Europe


From that horrible journey

You returned one day with eyes wide open

You entered your father's poem without knocking


There you are in safety Lumi

I swear no harm

Will come to you


It was summer

The sun in the west

And you dead, earth

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