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The page of Kafka, Franz, Works translated to English

Image of Kafka, Franz
Kafka, Franz


A Crossbreed (A Sport) {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Eine Kreuzung)
A Little Fable {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Kleine Fabel)
An Imperial Message {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Eine kaiserliche Botschaft [video])
At Night {Stern, Tania and James} (Nachts)
Eleven Sons {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Elf Söhne)
Give it Up! {Stern, Tania and James} (Gibs auf! [video])
Home-Coming {Stern, Tania and James} (Heimkehr)
Poseidon {Stern, Tania and James} (Poseidon)
The City Coat of Arms {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Das Stadtwappen)
The Departure {Stern, Tania and James} (Der Aufbruch)
The Helmsman {Stern, Tania and James} (Der Steuermann)
The Truth about Sancho Panza {Muir, Willa and Edwin} (Die Wahrheit über Sancho Pansa [video])
The Vulture {Stern, Tania and James} (Der Geier [video])

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