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The page of Tóth Árpád, Translations from English

Image of Tóth Árpád
Tóth Árpád


A csalogányhoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: To The Nightingale (English)
A háború ((Részlet, Childe Harold, I/39-43) (Hungarian) ⇐ Byron, George :: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Canto I, XXXIX-XLIII) (English)
A holló (Hungarian) ⇐ Poe, Edgar Allan :: The Raven (English)
A Könnyek Kútja (Hungarian) ⇐ O'Shaugnessy, Arthur William Edgar :: The Fountain of Tears (English)
A Melancholiáról (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: Ode on Melancholy (English)
A readingi fegyház balladája (Tóth Árpád) (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: Ballad of Reading Gaol (English)
A vak szonettje (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: On His Blindness (SONNET XVI) (English) [video]
Az elveszett kedves (Hungarian) ⇐ Browning, Robert :: The Lost Mistress (English)
Az őszhöz (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: To Autumn (English)
Childe Harold búcsúja (Childe Harold, részlet) (Hungarian) ⇐ Byron, George :: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Detail) (English)
Cyriac Skinnerhez (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: To Cyriack Skinner (English)
Három nap múlva (Hungarian) ⇐ Browning, Robert :: In Three Days (English)
Il Penseroso (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: Il Penseroso (English)
Janthéhoz (A „Childe Harold” előhangja) (Hungarian) ⇐ Byron, George :: To Ianthe (Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage) (English)
L'allegro (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: L’Allegro (English)
Lawrence úrhoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: To Mr Lawrence (English)
Lycidas (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: Lycidas (English)
Mikor ostrom fenyegette a várost (Hungarian) ⇐ Milton, John :: When the Assault was Intended to the City (English)
Óda a Nyugati Szélhez (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: Ode to the West Wind (English)
Óda egy csalogányhoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: Ode To A Nightingale (English)
Óda egy görög vázához (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: Ode on a Grecian Urn (English)
Ozymandiás (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: Ozymandias (English) [video]
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