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The page of Ringelnatz, Joachim, German Works translated to English

Image of Ringelnatz, Joachim
Ringelnatz, Joachim


Distant greeting by telephone {Beilharz, Johannes} (Telefonischer Ferngruß)
Ev'rywhere {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Überall)
From My Childhood {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Aus meiner Kinderzeit)
Gifting {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Schenken)
I Love You So {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Ich habe dich so lieb)
In the Park {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Im Park)
In the park {Kery, Leslie A.} (Im Park)
On a Present {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Zu einem Geschenk)
Silence* {Beilharz, Johannes} (Schweigen)
The Ants* {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Die Ameisen)
The globe {Kery, Leslie A.} (Der Globus)
The Guest Book {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Stammbuchvers)
The Postage Stamp {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Die Briefmarke)
The postage stamp {Kery, Leslie A.} (Die Briefmarke)
The Snuff Box {Seemann, Ernest A.} (Die Schnupftabakdose)

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